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Welcome to Mike Killian Photography!

I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects - scenic landscapes, the night sky, storms and wonders of nature, wildlife, engineering marvels & etc - but my career is in spaceflight and aerospace / aviation photojournalism, reporting on & documenting history of the many people, machines, missions & efforts in the civilian & military aerospace world. My assignments over the years have brought me onboard NASA's Space Shuttles, front row for launches of spacecraft to worlds across our Solar System, in clean rooms with Mars rovers, in the skies pulling G's with World Champion Aerobatics pilot Rob Holland, GEICO Skytypers and U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and on space-launch range clearing missions with the U.S. Air Force (to date the only photojournalist in 50 years to do so).

I'm the Managing Editor for the daily spaceflight news site AmericaSpace& a civilian & military aviation photojournalist with the online magazine Aviation Photo Digest. In late summer & fall 2016 I worked as a team photographer for Breitling Jet Team, producing iconic images of them over some of America's great landmarks and National Parks, and I also produce content for other aerospace publications such as Vertical Magazine & All Things AeroI'm honored to volunteer with Thom Richard and his 'Precious Metal' & "Hot Stuff" National Championship Reno Air Racing Teams as a team photographer & videographer as well. 

Over the years my work has been featured in and used by organizations such as:


* SpaceX

* NBC News 

* National Geographic
* United States Air Force
* ABC World News Tonight 

* The Weather Channel
* GoPro 

* Airbus
* Best Western Hotels
* Space.com
* Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD)
* Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine
* All About Space Magazine

* Vertical Magazine
* Cape Canaveral Port Authority 
* The Mars Society

ME Atlantis

Flying With World Aerobatics Champion Rob Holland

Most of my images are available to purchase as paper, canvas and metal prints, as well as HD acrylic, please contact me for ordering.

Images are always available to license for personal or editorial and commercial use, and I'm always open to new projects & assignments, especially anything aerospace-related.

My rates are reasonable & negotiable!

I love what I do, & I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as I enjoy doing it.  

Please don't forget to LIKE Mike Killian Photography on Facebook, you can follow me on Instagram as well, where I share new images daily!

BELOW - Portfolio of some of my favorite works over the years. Clicking on any image will bring you to its gallery.

Licensing rights for various usages and prints are always available, please CONTACT me for inquiries!

ABOVE: One final flight, USMC Capt Jeff "Kooch" Kuss, Blue Angel 6, was lost in a tragic accident not long after my photo shoot with him, Blue Angel 5 & Team Oracle's Sean Tucker for the 2016 Great Tennessee Air Show.

BELOW: The sun reflects a starburst off Capt Kuss' canopy, shortly before he was lost in a tragic accident during practice for the 2016 Great Tennessee Air Show.

BELOW: Rob Holland & the U.S. NAVY TAC DEMO from VFA-106 honor Blue Angel #6, Capt. Jeff Kuss, at the 2016 Vero Beach Air Show. TAC DEMO stepped up to replace the Blues when the team cancelled shows after the accident in TN.

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