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I've been a full-time aerospace photojournalist now for over 11 years covering America's space programs & military / civilian aviation, producing articles, photos / videos, stories & other media for a wide range of publishers, from magazines to online & print news outlets, to the occasional documentary, TV show & national mainstream news media.

I'm a writer as much as a photographer! But my focus is on space launch and aerial air-to-air photography, producing unique views on the ground and in the sky to help tell the stories & spark people's imaginations & curiosity. While not yet a pilot myself, the work I do has put me in more planes than most pilots have ever flown, from WWII fighters like P-51 Mustangs and P-40 Warhawks, to war veteran Dakotas from D-Day, to aerobatic planes and L-39s and other jets, to USAF C-130s and tankers, Pave Hawks and other helicopters, even flew a Berkut with an Augmented Reality headset for combat pilot training. But even more planes have appeared through my lenses, including just about every modern American jet fighter and every WWII fighter you can think of.

My assignments over the years have brought me onboard NASA's Space Shuttles, front row for launches to other worlds, in clean rooms with Mars rovers, working and flying with the USAF & D-Day Squadron in Normandy for the 74th and 75th anniversaries of D-Day, flying on rocket launch security missions with the USAF (to date the only photojournalist to do so), and intercepted a total solar eclipse with the US Navy in 2017. I also worked as a team aerial photographer for Breitling Jet Team in 2016 across Canada and the United States on their American Tour. 

I love a good storm chase too, photographing supercells, tornados and whatever nature produces, and even intercepted the eye-wall of Category-5 Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida in 2018, where I provided video of the storm making landfall to ABC, CBS, USA Today, NY Times & other major news outlets.

Over the years my work has been featured in and used by organizations such as:


* SpaceX

* Major mainstream news outlets such as NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN & others.

* National Geographic
* U.S. Air Force

* US Navy
* ABC World News Tonight 

* Good Morning America

* CBS This Morning

* The Weather Channel
* GoPro 

* Airbus
* Best Western Hotels
* Space.com
* Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD)
* Air & Space Magazine

* Combat Aircraft Magazine

* Vertical Magazine

* Warbird Digest Magazine


ME Atlantis

Most of my images are available to purchase as paper, canvas and metal prints, as well as HD acrylic, please contact me for ordering.

Images are always available to license for personal or editorial and commercial use, and I'm always open to new projects & assignments, especially anything aerospace-related.

My rates are reasonable & negotiable!

I love what I do, & I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as I enjoy doing it.  

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BELOW - Portfolio of some of my favorite works over the years. Clicking on any image will bring you to its gallery.

Licensing rights for various usages and prints are always available, please CONTACT me for inquiries!

ABOVE: The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels salute America's tallest mountain, Denali, as they cross Alaska in July 2021 en route to Fairbanks

Featured in the June 2017 issue of Combat Aircraft Magazine

ABOVE: One final flight, USMC Capt Jeff "Kooch" Kuss, Blue Angel 6, was lost in a tragic accident not long after my photo shoot with him, Blue Angel 5 & Team Oracle's Sean Tucker for the 2016 Great Tennessee Air Show.

BELOW: The sun reflects a starburst off Capt Kuss' canopy, shortly before he was lost in a tragic accident during practice for the 2016 Great Tennessee Air Show.

BELOW: Rob Holland & the U.S. NAVY TAC DEMO from VFA-106 honor Blue Angel #6, Capt. Jeff Kuss, at the 2016 Vero Beach Air Show. TAC DEMO stepped up to replace the Blues when the team cancelled shows after the accident in TN.

Untitled photo

BELOW: Watch Our Tribute Video

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