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Thom Richard in the American Airpower Museum P-40 Warhawk "Jacky C II", flying from Warbird Adventures to Homestead ARB Air Show Nov 4, 2016.


The first set below, with both of Richards' Texans, was flown from Kissimmee to Stuart (with thanks to Brendan Burns, my pilot in the RV-6). Both Texans were on the way to Stuart Air Show for the weekend, where they offered flights to the public for discounted costs before & after each day's show.

Upon arrival to Stuart, Robert Pinksten joined formation piloting the Collings Foundation's TP-51C Mustang "Betty Jane", my photo ship for the fight to Homestead ARB. The weekend would mark the last time Betty Jane would fly before going into a major restoration over the next year.

The next series of images were captured from Betty Jane, en-route from Stuart to Homestead  late that afternoon. The plan was for both planes, our P-51 and Thom's P-40, to go into some formation loops to capture new angles on the vintage P-40, angles not possible in just any plane.

VIDEO: Shooting P-40 Formation Loops from a P-51 Mustang

 - Some comments from Thom after the flight:

"Having flown the P-40 with numerous P-51's, my observation is that it's superior in performance in pretty much every regard at the same power settings below 250, perhaps 280. It was surprising how well the P-40 performed compared to the P-51. It'll out climb, out dive and out turn the Mustang handily. All that said, the Mustang will leave the P-40 in the dust at higher speed and altitudes.

If I went to war, I'd much rather be in the 51, but for what we do, I'll take the Warhawk any day."

Below are the images from the flight:

Be sure to check out my other gallery with Thom flying the P-40 "Jacky C' at sunset off Long Island, NY last June.

Don't forget to check out our other gallery with Thom flying the P-40 "Jacky C' at sunset off Long Island, NY last June.


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