Spaceflight - Mike Killian Photography

SPACEFLIGHT  -  Mike Killian Photography

Over the years the majority of my career has been in covering the U.S. space program, everything from the final space shuttle launches, to ISS cargo resupply missions, to launches of the nation's highest priority classified NRO spy satellites. Assignments covering development milestones, such as test firings for the massive SLS Solid Rocket Booster, are covered here too, as well as Falcon-9 rocket landings at Cape Canaveral AFS.

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CLICK HERE to visit my galleries covering the final years of NASA's Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

CLICK HERE to visit my galleries covering various un-crewed SpaceX, ULA & other rocket launches. Galleries include classified government reconnaissance & national security launches, NASA missions to Mars, Jupiter, the Moon & Sun, resupply missions to the International Space Station for NASA, & test launches of new rockets & spacecraft such as the SpaceX Cargo Dragon Orbital Flight Test & debut of the Falcon Heavy.


CLICK HERE to visit my galleries covering the dawn of NASA's Commercial Crew Program, which will see the first astronauts flying to & from the International Space Station on private SpaceX, Boeing & ULA rockets & spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center & Cape Canaveral, Florida starting in 2019.

SpaceX will launch astronauts to and from the ISS aboard the Crew Dragon, launching atop their own Falcon 9 rockets from pad 39A at Kennedy.

Boeing will fly astronauts to and from the ISS aboard their CST-100 Starliner, launching atop ULA's workhorse Atlas V rocket from Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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