The dual pads of historic Launch Complex 17 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station came crashing down just after sunrise on Thursday, July 12 2018, bringing an end to over 50 years of service after supporting 325 launches for the United States from 1957-2011. Everything from weather, communications & GPS satellites to Mars Rovers and space telescopes for NASA flew from LC-17's two pads A and B. The end of an era for the U.S. space program, but the dawn of a new as private company Moon Express now uses the site for development and testing of their own engines and lunar landers, which will launch atop rockets off other pads on the Cape in the coming years.

LC-17 itself will not see another launch.


With thanks to Fired Up Fishing Charters for an exclusive view of the implosion! Contact them for a great time on the water when you're on Florida's Space Coast, whether you want to go fishing or just to sight see!

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