SpaceX Falcon-9 "Return to Flight" Dec 21 / Cape Canaveral, Fla., SpaceX's first launch since the loss of their mission to deliver supplies to the ISS for NASA last summer.

Delivering 11 ORBCOMM "OG-2" satellites to orbit was the mission, but as a secondary objective SpaceX attempted to land the rocket's first stage booster on a bulls-eye on the Cape. Stabilizing the 150-foot-tall rocket stage in flight—traveling at nearly 3,000 mph at separation—is like someone balancing a rubber broomstick on their hand in the middle of a fierce wind storm.

Launch was flawless, & the plummeting booster, under a controlled descent, hit its bulls-eye near dead center in SpaceX "Landing Zone-1" (formerly Launch Complex-13).

Congratulations SpaceX! 

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BELOW: SpaceX / Orbcomm OG-2 Mission-2 launch and FIRST EVER landing of a rocket from space at Cape Canaveral.

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