Sunrise on the Grand Tetons / Wyoming

ABOVE: Sunrise on the Grand Tetons, Wyoming / March 2015.

Just some MISC panoramas from various adventures across the country. Number of photographs in each pan, as well as the lenses & DSLR cameras used for each, varies. All photographs shot as DNG / RAW and processed fully in Adobe Lightroom 6 (for those who may be debating if LR6 / CC is worth giving a try for pans).

Feel free to contact with questions, or to order prints!

As always, these are NOT full hi-resolution (I never upload full hi-res online), but I DID upload them with enough quality to allow viewers to reasonably see details on their computer screens (pans are intended for printing, not for screens & monitors). Just click the"i" icon below each image to view in various sizes.

 - All photos copyright, all rights reserved.

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